This Girl May Have Autism, But That Doesn't Hold Her Back From Doing The Unimaginable.

At just the tender age of four, Iris Grace Halmshaw has made quite a splash in the art world. It’s not just her age,  however, that sets her apart. 

Shortly after she was born, in 2009, her parents noticed she wasn’t quite like other children her age: she didn’t respond when someone called her name, and she barely made eye contact with anyone. At play dates and baby groups, she wouldn’t mingle with other children, preferring to cling to her mom, Arabella. She also had a hard time connecting with her father and grandparents.

After her anxious behavior showed no signs of calming down, Iris was diagnosed with severe autism in 2011. She is largely non-verbal, so her parents were desperate to find something that could help soothe her frequent panic attacks. After a lot of trial and error, they finally found something that Iris can dedicate her full focus to: painting. She’s been known to spend hours on a signle canvas, sometimes even weeks at a time. The results are simply magnificent.  



Iris at work.


Explosions of Color

Dance To The Oboe

Magic Flute

Sunny Day


Early Morning Water


Iris often has her therapy cat, Thula, to keep her company as she paints.


Blue Water

Arabella started displaying her daughter’s work on Facebook, and quickly started receiving requests from friends about purchasing prints of the stunningly beautiful paintings. The popularity grew from there, and these days Iris’s works can be purchased from her website starting at around $60 and up, with some pieces having gone for over $1,000 at a recent a charity auction. 

Please be sure to stop by her website, where you can check out more of her work as well as pick up your own prints.

Credit: Iris Grace Painting

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