This Glowing Jellyfish May Look Strange, But I Never Would Have Guessed What It's Made Of

Remember going to birthday parties when you were younger and an entertainer would make you a balloon in any shape you want? Well, they would say you could choose any shape, but it was always a puppy or a giraffe. 

If you thought that was impressive, wait until you see what Masayoshi Matsumoto can do. He's known for creating any living creature using balloons with amazing detail and precision.

The most amazing part is that he doesn't use any adhesive or markers.

Look at the fine detail of the turtle. The shell, the arms, the eyes. It's so impressive.

Here's another amazing fact about Matsumoto: he's only 25 years old.

Yet he has already burst onto the art scene with his work.


Take a look at the chicken's head. How he creates these shapes is a mystery.

How he prevents them from popping is an even bigger one.

A balloon spider shouldn't look creepy. But with this much detail, it's enough to make most people jump.

The wing... how?

Animals aren't the only thing Matsumoto creates...

He can even create people.


The detail on this dress is phenomenal.

And of course, he'll create other things as well such as this cool-looking Venus flytrap.

Any kid would be thrilled to get this balloon T. rex.

Out of all his work, everyone's favorites are his luminescent animals.

It’s hard to believe these were all made from just balloons.

Credit: Masayoshi Matsumoto

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