This Gorgeous Horse Photography Captures The Animal's Beautiful Spirit

Carina Maiwald felt trapped by her day-to-day life. There was too much rule-following and not enough fulfillment. Then one day, she started a photography project that changed everything. She began photographing wild horses and discovered the amazing power that radiates from these animals in their natural habitats.

Horses are a major part of every culture and are absolutely beautiful animals in their own right. They are more than their long manes, sleek coats, and powerful bodies. Horses in the wild exude a freedom we can only dream of and have individual personalities just like we do.

Maiwald had been interested in horses since she first studied them long before, and decided to return to the subject to capture these stunning photos of the lives of wild horses. The results are magical, and transport you to another world.

Below you’ll find extraordinary portraits that tell Maiwald’s story and impart the passion and awe for horses that gave her the freedom she was seeking.

Maiwald had always felt like she struggled fitting into society's standards. She had never known true freedom.


All she knew was that her everyday life was not providing what she needed. This pain would be healed by an unexpected source.

Detailing this experience on Bored Panda, she said, "Because of being caught in a job which sucked the life out of my veins, stillness filled my heart. After a while, I couldn’t even remember what my heart’s voice once sounded like."

She knew that freedom might mean not being understood by the world, because that meant following her own heart.

Following her heart brought her to photographing wild horses, where she said she found herself immediately at home. "I searched for what was missing and discovered it in dark, trusting eyes. Their sparkle promised me everything I was looking for: Freedom. These eyes belonged to a horse."

Though we have tamed horses for our own purposes, we really see their beauty in their natural environment.


Once Maiwald's passions joined, the results were these incredible images; you feel like you're peering into a hidden world.

These horses were captured in many settings and with many moods. "Not everything I capture is supposed to be objectively beautiful – simply caused by life not being purely beautiful itself," Maiwald writes. "We go through peaks and valleys, doubt in our darkest moments and shine in our brightest."

The result is that these photos don't simply idealize horses, but show their specific personalities. They also tell Maiwald's own story, with its own ups and downs.

Maiwald doesn't simply want to come to her own freedom. She wants to help others find the freedom in themselves, represented by these stunning portraits.

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H/T: LittleThings | Carina Maiwald

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