This Green-Hued Cat Was A Mystery, Until Now. Discover What Actually Happened To The Colored Cat.

It looks like something out of an artist's imagination (or a prankster's Photoshop), but this bright green cat is real and roaming the streets of the Bulgarian city of Varna.

At first, the locals suspected that someone had spray-painted the cat.

They even circulated internet efforts to look for those responsible.


But they've discovered that there may be a different cause for this cat of a different color.

The cat has been sleeping on a pile of synthetic paint.

Since the cat licks itself when it grooms and hasn't fallen ill, it's presumed that the paint is non-toxic.


It is unclear whether the cat has a home, but there aren't plans to capture this green kitty so it's spending its days brightening up the gray streets of Varna.

But hopefully this green feline will soon find a home, new or old. And a much-needed bath.

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Credit: The Independent

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