This Guy Built A Bowling Alley In His Backyard, And I'm Beyond Jealous

Despite the fact that it’s one of the more equipment-intensive leisure sports, bowling ranks right up there with tennis as something people seem to want to do in the comfort of their own home. Since at least the days of the great Robber Barons, a bowling alley in a lavish mansion was a status symbol as much as a pastime. It meant you could devote the time, money, and space to those long, empty lanes that only really served one purpose.

Well, as far as we know, Imgur user Makgyver87 isn’t a robber baron. His decision to build a home bowling alley was not motivated by pride but necessity. His local alley closed down, making it difficult to get in a game. This individual is anonymous but we’re guessing he’s got some background in engineering, given his fairly detailed planning phases, and the ingenious contraptions he came up with to make his dream a reality.

And what a dream. The idea of a fully outdoor bowling alley is a bold one. Bowling alleys are typically constructed indoors because of the effect the elements can have on the wood flooring, which must be reasonably smooth to do its part. Also, the machinery involved in resetting the pins is electrically powered and wouldn’t do well in the rain.

Which is where much of the genius behind this build shows itself. Behold, the backyard bowling alley.

It began as a series of sketches.

Then Makgyver87 turned it into a CAD rendering. See? We told you, detailed.


You might be wondering about the ropes he attached to the pins. It’s one of the true bits of genius in this design.

Because he could have built something simple and left it at that ...

But he went all out and designed a pin-resetting system that involves a simple pull of the rope running along the fence.

He notes that it took quite a few tries to get it to work just right, but obviously the effort saved in the long run is so worth it.


And because so much bowling often happens at night, he lit it up.

He lit it up good.

The alley seems to have been thought through very carefully. From the use of decking wood to make it weather resistant to the lighting and fancy, pin-setting trickery, the whole thing is a simple bit of backyard engineering genius. We'd love to be invited over to bowl a few frames, especially if the grill's fired up! We're also wondering how we can implement something similar in our own backyards. Have you done anything like this in your yard?

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H/T: Makgyver87

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