This Guy Found A Bottle On The Shores Of A Beach. Whats Was Hidden Inside Brought Me To Tears.

It’s almost cliche, finding a message in a bottle. It’s a common occurrence in movies, but how many people actually find them? In today’s world of calling someone on the phone, sending a text, or emailing, who even writes letters anymore? Apparently someone does, because this story details what this man found on the beach.

What was in the bottle? A treasure map? A message from someone lost at sea? It was none of the above – it was something truly beautiful that must be shared.

While his friends were enjoying the sun, this guy was claiming a bottle that washed up on the shore.

He and his friends tried to open it, with no luck.


Never underestimate the value of a Swiss Army knife.

When they finally got it open, they found a piece of paper rolled up and sealed with tape.

They unfurled it and began to read in amazement.

After reading, they resealed the bottle and let Mel’s beloved sea reclaim it.

The bottle is now back in the sea and ready for another lucky recipient to find it. Where will it land next?


Credit: Reddit

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