This Guy Found An Old Piece Of Wood From A Timber Yard. What He Transformed It Into Is Genius.

It’s amazing what a little creativity can do. Check out what this clever Imgur user made using some scrap wood and a special glow resin.

He started with a cracked, knotted piece of chestnut wood, picked up cheap at the timber yard.

All the cracks and holes were sealed using aluminum tape.

It had to be set somewhere nice and level, or else the resin wouldn’t set properly.

Time to mix.

He added a bag of blue, glow-in-the-dark pigment.

Once the resin was mixed up, it was left to stand for a bit so that any air bubbles from mixing could rise up and bubble out.


The big crack was filled with resin.

As was another large crack at the edge. He also created a little reservoir at the end of it.

Here’s what it looked like once the resin was fully hardened.

Time to sand everything down nice and even.

That magic moment where oil is applied and the wood grain comes to life. It took a total of eight coats of oil to get everything to look perfect.

The plank was then sectioned off and chopped up to become shelves.

Naturally, every shelf needs brackets.


Spare pieces of polished walnut were also used for some brackets.

Here’s the shelf in daylight.

The glow resin really comes to life later on in the day as it gets darker.

This piece was used as the top shelf so that this resin shape could be seen in everyday use.

The robot on the wall seems to like this decision.

A final view of the full, finished shelf.

Credit: Imgur

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