This Guy Made His Girlfriend A Christmas Gift From Scratch, And It's Absolutely Epic.

When most people imagine homemade Christmas gifts they think of crumbly soap and bland cocoa mix, but what about an incredibly chic leather bag? Could that even be possible? One man created an epic messenger bag for his girlfriend and, lucky for us, shared exactly how he did it. Take a look.

Here is the finished product – she is going to love it. 

He started by purchasing this $80 piece of vegetable tanned leather and cutting out the shape of the bag. 

Next, he punched holes for stitching. 

Many, many holes. 

This part definitely took some time. 

Then it was time to dye the leather. He learned the hard way that laying down an old sheet can help protect your floor. 


Dyeing and shaping the leather gave it a whole new look. 

Next, he sewed some pockets. 

Sewing the small parts was tricky. 

But, finally, the bag started to take shape. 

In a genius flash of inspiration, he cut up an old hoodie to line the inside and added some bonus pockets. 

This is not a project that can be completed overnight – sewing leather can be tough on your fingers and require a lot of breaks. 

Keep going, guy. You are in the home stretch now. 


Plenty of great space inside to stay organized. 

As well as outside compartments to hold a cell phone and keys. 

Whatever his girlfriend needs to tote should fit nicely. 

Voila – the finished product. What a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. 

I hope her boyfriend shares a picture of her face when she opens this amazing hand-crafted gift on Christmas morning. Share these images with your friends and family, and who knows – maybe a leather messenger bag will be waiting under your tree. 

Credit: Imgur

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