This Guy Started With Nothing. But What He Ended Up With 6 Weeks Later Made Me So Jealous.

When Steve Areen imagined his dream home, it wasn't your typical white-picket-fenced mansion. He had $9,000 and a plot of land in the middle of Thailand. And, most importantly, he had a stunning vision.

It took Steve only six weeks to go from this to his dream home.

Steve constructed this with the help of a Thai friend and his son-in-law's masonry skills.

The plot of land was on a mango grove owned by Steve's friend, Hajjar Gibran.

The cost of the home’s structure was only $6,000. 

Of course, the cost of materials is cheaper in Thailand, but that is still a great deal.

With the basic structure built, a coat of paint brings the home to life.

The total cost was just $9,000.


It's a gorgeous home. So tropical.

The details are mind blowing.

Can you imagine coming home to this?

The exterior was built from cement blocks and clay bricks, giving it that earthy, natural quality.

Steve said the only thing he would do differently would be to use compressed earth blocks.

The view from above.

Imagine listening to the sound of the rain underneath this canopy.

Or spending some quiet time gazing into this lily pond.


All of the natural light coming in.

These steps lead up to the roof.

The accents of the home's interior are all natural as well.

Like this stone mosaic shower.

Even the bathroom sink.

Now Steve has this beautiful home and no mortgage.

Imagine waking up to this every morning.

It's somehow space age and timeless. Absolutely brilliant.

Credit: Steve Areen

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