This Guy Takes Photos Of His Beautiful Dog On Adventures In The Wilderness

For a lot of dog owners, an outing with the pup means a walk around the neighborhood or some time at the park. On weekends, there might be a trip to the lake or beach, but it can be difficult to make time for extended outings. With the hectic schedules that most people have, it grows tough to give a dog the type of outdoor time that he or she would like. Kelly Lund knows this, and he doesn't like the idea of keeping dogs cooped up in a house or backyard, so he works hard to make sure that his dog Loki is included in his outings when he goes off to the wilderness.

Lund likes to document his adventures with Loki, who is quite the handsome dog.

Loki is a "wolfdog," a husky/Arctic wolf/Malamute mix.

Lund posts pictures of Loki in the wild to Loki's Instagram account, which has gathered close to 300,000 followers.

Loki seems to love nature, and he looks right at home in a tent.

He's no small dog, but he seems to be a sweet pup at heart.

Loki looks adorable hanging out in his hammock.

Living in Colorado, Lund has plenty of great places to choose from when taking Loki out for an adventure.

Here's Loki, looking incredibly fierce while posing in front of mountains.


His little sleeping bag is just too cute.

It's not always just Lund and Loki, however. Here's Loki posing with some friends and a few cups of coffee.

This dog sure loves hammocks.

He's king of this castle.

Looks like he's also a fan of peanut butter.

A beautiful dog in beautiful surroundings.

Lund and Loki, having a blast together.

He's also got some younger friends.

His fluffy coat must keep him warm in all of that snow.


It's a dog and people party, complete with a toasty bonfire.

Here's Loki, looking like a proud, lone wolf.

He's not afraid to get a little dirty.

And he loves to give his owner kisses.

They're just two best friends, exploring their world together.

Although he looks amazing in pictures, Loki looks even more incredible in action. Check out this video of him bounding around snow-covered mountains.

Lund posts these images with the goal of inspiring other dog owners to take the time to bring their furry friends out into the wilderness as well. Dogs really do love to explore and, although it can be tough to make time, exploring with them makes for some amazing memories.

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