This Guy Took A Bunch Of Pencils And Had One Crazy Idea. What He Ended Up Creating Seems Impossible.

Finnish artist Tuomas Markunpoika makes incredible hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind vases in limited-edition series. But these aren't ceramic or glass-- they're made of colored pencils. Far from looking crafty, his creations have all the elegance of natural wood with a punch of unexpected color from the pencils.

He starts by gluing the pencils to a flat sheet.

Once he has several layers, he uses a machine lathe.

The lathe goes over and over until the vase form starts to take shape.

He uses one color for each vase.


Once they are varnished to a gloss, it's hard to believe how they started out.



It's only very close up that you can still see the hexagonal shape.

Making a geometric hive pattern.

And each vase is completely unique.

What a beautiful way to repurpose everyday objects.

Credit: Tuomas Markunpoika

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