This Guy Wanted To Give His Brother And His Wife A Special Gift, So He Decided To Make This.

World clocks are amazing instruments that tell the time of multiple time zones at once, but they can be quite expensive. When one man realized the world clock he wanted to give his brother and his wife for a birthday/wedding gift was well over $1,500, he decided to make his own. What he came up with included a special rainbow message for their birthdays – take a look.

Here is the finished product. 

The back features a transparent piece of yellow acrylic, showing off the technical jumble of wires inside. 

The front piece was laser cut from birch plywood. 

Although the clock is awesome year round, the rainbow light-up birthday message is definitely its coolest feature. 

As you can see, making the clock wasn’t exactly easy. Full instructions are available here


A laser drill made cutting the holes easy. 

Next it was time to add LED lights. The birthday-related holes are left empty for now. 

The most tedious part of the job was adding a hundred 470ohm resistors onto the anodes of each LED light. Yikes. 

Although making sure that it would tell time accurately was difficult as well. 

Next, it was time to build the frame using oak wood. 

It’s really starting to come together now. 


Isn’t it great when measurements work out perfectly? 

The “brain” of the clock. 

All done. This is truly a masterpiece. 

And here it is, in action, on brother Dean’s birthday. What a great gift. 

It is a very thoughtful brother who will take the time to make such a unique and personal gift. Not only is the gesture heartwarming, but the craftsmanship superb. Don’t forget to share this amazing example of brotherly love with your friends and family. 

Credit: Imgur

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