This Guy Wanted To Make Something Special For His Cats, So He Built This Inside His House.

You know how it starts. First, you get the cat. Then you'll need some cat toys. Then maybe the cat needs a new bed. Pretty soon, you're the crazy cat person. If you think you're definitely in danger of stepping over the line into crazy cat owner territory, consider this a cautionary tale.

It started with just some spare lumber.

Then a few walkways went up around the living room. Cats like high places, and this doesn't look too different from a regular shelf, so why not?

Then it just started taking over the house.


There's even an outdoor area for the cats so they can get fresh air during the day.

Yes, even in the bathroom.

Amazing that the cats went from roaming the streets to taking over the house.

Hand-drawn cat portraits decorate the living room.


Definitely the best lounging spot in the house.

These cats are probably just chatting about how awesome it is to live here. What do you think?

Credit: Imgur

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