This Guy Was Tired Of Paying Rent, So He Decided To Convert A School Bus Into His Dream Home

As an architecture student, it seemed ridiculous for Hank Butitta to throw his money away on a boxy rental unit somewhere.

Using his schooling, he came up with the idea for a tiny house project. Right around this time, he found a bus for sale for just $3,000.

Renovations on the bus cost about $6,000. The total of $9,000 is no small amount, but when you consider that's less than the price of a down payment on a small house, it makes perfect sense.


A brilliant bed design makes the most of every inch of space. If you're wondering about those gorgeous hardwood floors, they're repurposed gym floors.

The design is meant to be fluid and able to shift shapes, depending on the needs of the space.

The bus is still perfectly functional as a vehicle, so Hank's able to take his home on the road whenever he feels like it.


Here's a video of Hank explaining how it was that reading uninspired theoretical projects led him to follow his passion:

For the test drive, Hank and some friends made a 5,000-mile road trip on the bus.

Credit: Hank Bought A Bus

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