This Guy's Arms Are Covered In Tattoos, But They're Unlike Any You've Seen... And So Much Better.

Keith Anderson's right arm is slowly being covered in a sleeve of tattoos. But what makes Keith's tattoos different is that they aren't a tribute to retro culture. There isn't a surfer girl, rose, skull or eagle in sight and he makes no mention of a motorcycle hobby or army buddies. Keith's tattoos are something far more personal.

Keith's sleeve is made up of drawings done by his son, Kai. The first tattoo was from a drawing Kai did at age 5. Each year, Kai's dad picks out a drawing to have permanently commemorated on his arm. Keith says that it celebrates Kai's growth, one year at a time.

Here is the initial piece, a flower Kai drew in kindergarten. 


Keith later went back and added a piece that Kai drew at age 4, making this the oldest drawing, but the second oldest tattoo of the Kai series.

Kai's seahorse drawing, age 6.

The family lives in Ontario, hence, 7-year-old Kai's Canadian pride.


Keith's favorite is this abstract piece Kai drew at 8.

The latest installment shows Kai's artistic style getting more sophisticated. He drew this robot at age 8.

Kai, now 11, goes with his dad when he gets his tattoos, even getting the chance to “man” the tattoo gun the last time. Keith plans to continue getting Kai's tattoos, saying that as time goes on "I'll have to get him to draw smaller pictures."

Credit: Chance Faulkner Photography 

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