This Guy's Idea Seems Crazy At First, But The End Result Is Completely Worth It.

The winters in Canada are long and harsh, so it’s not entirely unusual to find people coming up with creative new ways to make the best of it. All we can say is that this man’s idea probably takes the cake. He started off by filling up plastic containers with water (and sometimes a little dye), and leaving them out to freeze overnight. As he did this day after day, he quickly amassed a huge pile of ice bricks. Then, he built something ridiculously cool (yes, pun very much intended).

Western Ontario can get bitterly cold, with an average daytime temperature of around -25 degrees or colder. It’s perfect if you have an inclination to freeze ice bricks for some reason...

He froze around 30 blocks a day, with an average of 12 hours between harvesting blocks. Obviously, warm, thick gloves were key.

For four weeks he froze ice blocks every day. His wife started to grow concerned over all these ice blocks in their driveway…

So... many... ice blocks. His neighbors couldn’t stop staring.

Once he had gathered enough blocks, he started buiding something. He spent nearly 6 full nights working in frigid, sub-zero temperatures.

He had the brilliant idea to use a mixture of slush and snow as the mortar, which froze solid almost instantly in the freezing Ontario winter.

Little by little, it started to take shape into something recognizable.


Until eventually...

… An awesome ice fort emerges!

This is the coolest ice fort I’ve ever seen.

After all the grueling labor was over, it was time to call over some friends and celebrate!

He even hooked up some homemade party lights by freezing some LED lights into the ice.


Who cares about the cold when you can have this much fun?

When I start hating the cold this winter, I’m going to keep this guy in mind and start freezing my own ice bricks... or, you know, just stay in under a blanket with some hot chocolate.

Credit: Reddit

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