This Halloween, Up Your Game With These Hilariously Adorable Pet Costumes

Halloween … it’s the one day of the year when you can dress up and pretend to be someone else without people thinking you are crazy. Pumpkins, candy and scary stories aside, there is something really special about a day that allows you to step into someone else’s shoes. Whether you dress up as your favorite Disney character, superhero or scary villain, your costume says a lot about your personality.

But what about your pets? If your dog or cat could pick a costume, what would it be? These 15 pets playing dress-up are as hilarious and adorable as it gets. This year, the whole neighborhood will be in awe of your furry (or not so furry) friend.

1. Dracula kitty is more cute than terrifying. 

2. Turning your horse into a skeleton takes time, but the result is so worth it. 

3. Two dogs are always better than one. 

4. Mufasa would be proud of this cat’s mane. 


5. This is the most dignified crab I’ve ever seen. 

6. Superdog to the rescue! 

7. You can’t win the race without fuel. 

8. Just a princess looking for her Han Solo. 

9. These M&M’s are too adorable to eat. 

10. Cue “Jaws” music – it’s turtle-shark! 


11. “He’s the hero Gotham deserves…” 

12. Why settle for just Harry Potter when you can have Fluffy? 

13. Here’s hoping this Chihuahua doesn’t go “Up!” 

14. This “Star Wars” inspired costume is sure to win best-dressed. 

15. Shark dog is being eaten by his own costume.  

Do you dress your pets up for Halloween? If so, share their pictures in the comments below! 

Via: Sun Gazing

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