This Hanging Pod Looks Bizarre. When I Found Out Why These Two Designers Made It, I Was Shocked

It's a fact that the world is getting pretty crowded. 7 billion people and growing, the classic cemetery is looking like a beautiful memorial that we soon won't have room for. The process isn't very eco-friendly, either. Caskets made of wood and metal are resource-intensive to make, and very expensive for families to purchase.

A pair of Italian designers, Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, have designed a new method of burial.

They hope it will one day be the preferred way to honor our loved ones. 


Their goal is to switch from stone-filled cemeteries, to tree-filled sacred forests.

The concept is simple. Instead of a casket, the client is interred in a biodegradable pod. They can select their favorite tree, which will be planted above the burial site.

The buried pod becomes a source of nutrients for the tree above it...


And continues the circle of life in a sustainable way. By using this process, the communal aspect of a cemeteryis kept intact, but a new forest also forms. 

A lot has to change before this concept can become a reality, but they really hope to get people thinking about the future.

Source: Bored Panda | Photography: Capsula Mundi

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