This Horse Rider Came Up With A Brilliant Solution For Taking His Horse Out At Night

Horseback riding is a leisure activity enjoyed by many. Creating a bond with the horse that is being ridden is one of the most overlooked aspects, as rider and horse need to be able to trust each other and be in sync in order for it to be a safe experience. Horses are known to be very affectionate animals, so putting in the effort to bond with them is rewarding in and of itself.

As anyone who rides horses should know, safety is always a top priority. Well-fitted saddles and helmets should always be worn, but often, accidents happen because it is hard for others to see horses at night. In an effort to help reduce the number of accidents, Tail Lights was created.

The creator of Tail Lights, Sami Gros, came up with the idea of illuminated taillights for horses when she was involved in an unfortunate accident. Sami and her friend were riding their horses one night when they were involved in a hit-and-run collision. Thankfully, Sami and her friend were okay, but the same could not be said about the horses. Thousands of dollars were spent on veterinary bills, but the incident had a silver lining. Motivated by what happened, Sami created Tail Lights to help prevent similar accidents from happening to anyone else. Her creation can currently be purchased on their online shop and is also available on Kickstarter.

Tail Lights was conceived as a way to illuminate horses and make them more visible to others that are occupying the road.


During the night, it can be incredibly difficult to spot a dark horse being ridden on dirt roads or along the sides of streets.

This terrifying reality holds true even in more urban areas. Though it may be less likely to see a civilian horse of the street, police horses are still used all over the world.

Reflectors can be used as an alternative, but in many accidents, drivers reported that the reflected light was not visible until the last moment. By that time, it would be too late.

A self-illuminating solution would be ideal as they wouldn’t rely on secondary sources of light.


Sami even thought to include an adjustment for multiple brightness levels that can be used during different times of the day.

Several police departments are already using this brilliant product to help keep their officers safe.

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