This House Appears Normal From The Curb. Step Inside, And You'll Be In For A Big Surprise

In the faraway fairytale land of Orlando, Florida, there sits a most magical mansion.

On 5 acres of land, the mansion harkens to the days of old - your childhood.

10 bedrooms of melt-in-your-mouth decoration.

Each room just as sweet as can be.

You'll fall in love with it the same way you used to fall in love at the soda shop.

It's called the Sweet Escape.

It's the most delicious B-and-B around.

Starting at $995 a night, this could be the light creamy filling of your vacation.

It's not going to burst your bubble either - each room is different.

What's better than a ball pit? Why, a ball pit floor, of course.


No matter what you roll, your path will be magical.

You can taste the rainbow in every room.

Even the tooth fairy has taken up residence here.

A visit to the home's 1,200-square-foot ice cream social club should definitely find a spot on your bucket list.

This cool house has two kitchens to fuel your day.

And an alleged "cereal killer" bandit for those sugary morning snacks.

There's plenty of space to keep your day as cool and refreshing as a peppermint drop.

A private chef can concoct whatever you can dream of.

But it doesn't end there.

The house has plenty on the grounds to keep you entertained, like a trip down to an ice cream pool.


The cool doesn't stop when the sun goes down.

Parents can grill and relax while kids cool off in the pool.

This mini golf game is set up like a game of Candy Land.

With other games like human size chess.

And old restaurant playground equipment.

There's plenty to explore in Sweet Escape's 5 acres.

The movie room keeps it comfy and cozy. Just whip up a fresh bag of popcorn.

And the retro arcade. No quarters needed.

With a stay like this, you might not even get around to Orlando's theme parks.

Credit: Sweet Escape House

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