This House Has Been Abandoned For Decades. Wait 'Til You See The Untouched Treasures It Holds

The Urbex photographer who runs the blog Freaktography heard of an abandoned house that was "Europe quality" –  that is, the kind of quality, undisturbed and abandoned building typically only found in Europe.

"Europe seems to have a totally different mentality than North Americans when it comes to maintaining the sites they find and respecting a code of secrecy and respect," he explains. "In North America, too many people are quick to name drop or post clues to where you can find it the house or location.  Sooner or later the scrappers catch wind and they knock holes in all of the walls to steal the copper, then the thieves come in to loot the place and take anything of any value, then the taggers join the party and spray paint phallic symbols and idiotic sayings on the walls – within weeks, the place looks nothing like it had when the original person found it – this rarely happens in Europe."

After some sleuthing, he found the house's location and went in to explore and photograph.

True to its reputation, the house was left totally intact.

Like its original owners just vanished.

Underneath the doily and hefty records was an early 20th century Gramophone. The needle and last record played were still loaded up and ready to be played.


A stack of plates rest in the hutch for dinner parties that never came.

Everything stands still in this sunny kitchen exactly the way it was left.

A hole in the roof over the settee had begun to let snow and debris into the house.

Old letters and books on religion and addiction stuff the nooks and crannies of the bookshelves.

The bedroom was still filled with personal artifacts. Several boxes of women's hats remained in their hat boxes.

A piano and a beautiful bay window make for a cozy tea nook.

The living room is starting to show its signs of neglect with water damage coming in from the second bay window.

Small woodland animals had started sleeping on the beds.


It's easy to imagine this one as an older girl's room.

The pipes from the iron stove keep this attic girl's room warm and cozy.

Trinkets and notes were left just as they were.

Vintage women's perfumes and makeups look so much more elegant than they do today.

The medicine cabinet's contents are starting to deteriorate.

The topics of the books - alcohol and drugs, dealing with grief, coping through religion - further add to the mystery of what happened to the people who lived here.

But if they ever come back, their house is right there, just as they left it.

Credit: Freaktography