This House Is Designed For Road Trips, But The Best Part Is How It Looks Inside

The cold weather testing location obviously needed to be really, really cold. Leaf House Design chose the northern Canadian community Pelly Crossing, where temperatures often reach lows in the -40s and colder. 

Leaf House Design was doing a case study for their cold climate tiny house.

For six months, the administrator and coordinator of Yukon College would live in the tiny house, enduring the frigid climate.


Sensors measure the energy and temperature of the house, ensuring its efficiency and livability.

Leaf House's dual focus on cold climate construction and eco-friendly design were put to the test, bringing the tiny home trend to the harshest parts of the world.

The portable homes are just 12 feet by 24 feet and mounted on trailers. They are small enough to travel by legal road height and width.

And the interior of the homes are just stunning.


Leaf House tends toward modernism, preferring a simple, elegant design.

Material costs range from $19,000-$40,000 and takes 4-6 months for building.

The homes are built to be solar energy dependent, with the ability for off-the-grid living in gorgeously simple luxury.

Credit: Tiny House Living

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