This House Is Modeled After A TV Show. When I Saw Inside, It Brought Back So Many Childhood Memories

Remember the iconic show that we all loved, “​The Munsters”? Charles and Sandra McKee loved the show so much that they created an exact replica of the 1960s sitcom’s house. The inside of their home is an exact duplicate and includes the most iconic features, such as Grandpa Munster’s dungeon, the rotating suit of armour and the pet dinosaur under the stairs. The entire design cost the couple £225,000 to create. Every year, thousands of fans visit the 6,000 sq ft home in Waxahachie, Texas, U.S.

The outside of the house. 

The organ took the couple a decade to find.


The entire design cost around £225,000 to create.

The pet dinosaur under the stairs.

Looks creepy. Look at that giant mouse trap.


The Munster Koach.

They didn’t even build this to be part of the show. They just did it as fans and they currently live in the home.

As you can see, they paid attention to every small detail. Amazing.

Credit: DiplyDaily Mail

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