This House Is More Than 300 Years Old - And It’s Utterly Amazing Inside

Do you ever feel like your house is too old? The house I live in was built in the 1970s and feels way past its prime. It needs a new roof and the pipes are rusted among many other small problems. According to the latest US Census, the median age of a house in the United States is 36 years. That might seem old, but when compared to the house featured here, 36 years old is nothing. 

Located in Cornwall, Great Britain, this house has been around for a whopping 300 years. Recently, it was put on the market and bought by a young couple who had some big ideas. It was a tall task, considering the house they bought is older than the entire United States of America, but through a lot of creativity and determination, they made something quite remarkable. 

Scroll down to see how this 300-year-old house was transformed into a modern and elegant living space. 

This is the 300-year-old house recently bought in Cornwall, Great Britain.

It was built it 1680 and certainly looks like it from the outside. 

The entrance to the house is like stepping into another world.

The door is only about five-and-a-half-feet tall so getting inside can be a challenge for the taller folks. 

But once you step inside, the old-fashioned feel is replaced with a modern charm.

I don't think they had that flat screen television in 1680. 


The fireplace in the living room is the same fireplace from the original house.

Extra walls were added around the fireplace for safety purposes. 

The couple put in a colonial style bed to replicate the fashion at the time the house was first built.

The walls were painted white to give the illusion of more space. 

The child's room looks like something out of a catalog.

I would have loved to have grown up here. 

They have quite the spacious bathroom.

Hopefully, the plumbing has improved in the last 300 years. 


The kitchen has all the modern appliances you would need to make the families from 300 years ago very jealous.

So much potential for some delicious British food here. 

The dining room is small, but makes the perfect spot for a cozy breakfast.

The antiques they used look great here. 

The back porch offers another beautiful place to sit and eat.

Think you would want to stay in this spot yourself? Well, we have great news for you. The owners have turned the antique house into a luxury self-catering property that can be rented out here. The property claims to sleep two people and has received rave reviews. If you decide to spend a weekend here, or have stayed here in the past, make sure to let us know! 

H/T: Bright Side | Unique Stays

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