This House Is Only 750 Square Feet, But How Much They Managed To Fit Inside Is Incredible

The tiny house movement has certainly captured the hearts of North Americans, but as the benefits of sustainability, environmental friendliness and good design become more and more apparent, the reach of the tiny homes expand. Western Europe and Japan were quick to pick up the trend, and now it appears that the tiny houses have come to Bali.

The traditional Indonesian hut, called a lumbung, is the inspiration for this contemporary guest home called the White Elephant.

But despite its name, the White Elephant is very small.

Just 750 square feet. But you'd never guess it.

An open air flow keeps the tropical home cool, naturally. Beams and furniture provide the suggestion of rooms without the disruption of walls.

Only the bathroom is sealed off with four walls.


The bathtub, however, is located outside on the deck. The plants and some flowing curtains provide privacy while still letting the relaxing natural environment flow through.

The bedroom is lofted at the top of the home. 

Guests have a perfect view of the moon and stars over the canopy of tropical trees.

Imagine waking up in this elegantly carved king bed.

And greeting the morning in this lush reading nook on the loft.

The loft is accessible by a rustic ladder and circular portal.


You could have your morning coffee on the deck, flanked by the garden and French windows.

The day bed and breakfast nook on the deck are just perfect for relaxing.

This is also where you'll find your outdoor shower and soaking tub.

At only 750 square feet, every inch of the White Elephant is perfect paradise.

Credit: Jendela di Bali

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