This House Looks Normal From The Curb, But What's Inside The Basement Is Completely Unexpected

A bunker is commonly known as a sturdy shelter designed to keep people safe in case of a major catastrophe, such as bombings or natural disasters. An eccentric homeowner decided to go above and beyond with the traditional idea of a war-time bunker. During the Cold War's constant threat of attack, this creative shelter was built underneath a seemingly ordinary looking home. The amount of time and effort put into this project is something everyone should be able to appreciate.

From the curb, this home is not very impressive. It looks to be an average dwelling that would easily be overlooked.

Step on the inside and everything seems just as ordinary as the outside, until you venture downstairs. This enormous living room is what greets you at the bottom.

The master bedroom has an unexpected surprise – a full jacuzzi.


You never know when a party is going to be thrown during an emergency, so a full sized kitchen is a must.

Here is yet another food preparation location perfect for throwing some end of the world parties.

It even has large windows to let in some light.

How does a bunker get light from underground? Well, an artificial yard with some man-made natural light of course. 


There is even a luxurious pool in the "backyard" to swim in. 

A barbecue and some putting practice would be great for a summer's day, or any time of the year if this is your home.

To see more, check out the video tour below. 

Credit: The San Francisco Globe | BBC Viral News 

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