This House Looks Strange From The Outside, But Just Take A Step Inside. It's Incredible

In 1997, architect Robert Harvey Oshatz had an interesting request from client Roy Wilkinson: Wilkinson wanted a cabin that put natural home acoustics as a top priority. 

The resulting home is a perfect blend of visual and auditory aesthetics.

Oshatz chose a location in the Oregon woods for its organic beauty, and the plethora of natural sounds surrounding the home brings the outdoor element in.

The interior wraps around curved surfaces, giving structured reverberation and fill to the sounds of each room.


The materials Oshatz used are some of the same materials used in stereos to resonate with specific sound qualities.

The curves and natural wood of the house are absolutely gorgeous. Wouldn't you love to spend a lightly-rainy weekend here, listening to the water and the birds?

It’s beautiful inside and out.

Credit: American Overlook

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