This House-On-Wheels Is Like A Vacation On The Go, But The Interior Is Even More Impressive

There's nothing more American than a classic RV trip. The open road, sightseeing, and getting back in touch with nature are all things an RV trip brings. There's just one downside: the horrible late-70s design disasters that come standard in most RVs (and gas prices).

What if you could peel away the faux-wood paneling and put in something a little more tasteful? Like a neoclassical columned porch, for example.

The Heirloom Tiny Home is a pre-fab but highly customizable house on wheels dreamed up by an imaginative young company out of (where else) Portland, Oregon. 


Their motto? "Home is where you park it."


If you're detecting a bit of a vintage flair, you'll be pleased to know that these tiny homes on wheels have been around for quite some time. Perhaps a precursor to Heirloom, this tiny house on wheels dates all the way back to 1926.

Credit: Heirloom Tiny HomeMessyNessy Chic

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