This House Was Abandoned Over 30 Years Ago, But The Interior Has Been Oddly Frozen In Time

Dave of photoblog Freaktography recently captured some amazing photos of an abandoned home in Ontario, Canada. The strangest part about the photos is that the inside of the house is surprisingly well-preserved. Dave blogged that he got the idea to visit after one of his friends posted pictures of the same location.

Dave was able to speak to the home owner's daughter, who is now 76-years-old. Through his conversation, he learned that the house was willed to a local church when the owner passed away, and that the daughter and the church were in a dispute over who would receive the land. The most mysterious part, and what was never revealed in the conversation, is why she left all her belongings in the house for over 30 years.

The main room at the front of the house was messy with antique items, including beautiful cabinetry, dinnerware, and an old TV.

This iron wood stove was once used to heat the entire house. The rocking chair set next to it, perhaps to enjoy the warmth coming from the stove.

The dining area is small, but very lovely next to the window. The piano set next to it, to provide music and entertainment while dining.

The former residents must have had a serious love for music. There are instruments and Hi-Fi equipment scattered all around this living room.

Including this vintage gramophone. There’s even a Cole Porter record in there.


Household items with vintage packaging.

This antique display shelf holds a beautiful collection of dinnerware and tea sets.

An old-time stove with cooking utensils hanging next to it.

A gorgeous set of silverware most people would love to have.

Looks just like a modern bathroom cabinet. But look at that vintage packaging.

A bathroom with a classic look.

There’s even a desk in the bathroom.

Some of these brands still look the same today.


A men’s grooming kit.

And a lovely set of perfume.

This looks like a cozy bedroom.

It's stacked with books.

And has a bunch of handwritten letters laying around.

The piano’s a little dusty, but in fantastic shape.

Credit: The San Francisco Globe | Freaktography