This Incredible Tableware Was Designed To Meet The Needs Of Alzheimer's Patients

When Sha Yao’s grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she sprang into action.  As her grandmother’s primary caregiver, Yao wanted to learn everything she could about patient care and comfort. The industrial designer began volunteering at adult care centers, and it wasn’t long before she noticed one major, but common problem – eating.

The shakiness that comes with Alzheimer’s results in a lot of issues at the dinner table. Cups get spilled, not enough nourishment is consumed and dignity is lost. Yao wanted to change that, so she created Eatwell.

Eatwell may look like ordinary tableware …

But each and every piece was designed with specific needs in mind.  


The bowls are angled, allowing food to fall to gather on one side and be scooped. 

It’s a simple 90-degree design, but it makes a world of difference. 

As do the spoons that align perfectly with bowl edges. 

The tight fit decreases spills, which ultimately leads to the consumption of more nourishment. 


Cups with wide bases also fight spills. 

While these unusually wide handles provide a firm grip that’s missing from traditional mugs. 

There’s even a special tray, equipped with tabs to hold napkins or bibs. 

To learn more about Eatwell, check out this video. The best inventions truly are born of necessity. 

Via: GOOD | Eatwell

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