This Is No Average Party Boat. What Can Be Found Inside The Cabin Is The Ultimate Floating Luxury.

A group of friends in Joensuu, Finland got together and decided to take an adventure. Maybe it was the combination of a spa day and a road trip but however it came about, their creation is nothing short of amazing. Together, they created what the Finns call a Saunalautta: a sauna raft. 

This homemade raft is a double-decker with several hammocks for maximum relaxing.


There is, of course, a fully functional sauna built into the main cabin area.

A sauna that opens up to the waters for a beautiful sunset view.

There's a grilling area above for BBQs.


The second level deck can be used as a diving platform.

Now the friends are renting out their Saunalautta on their Facebook page for anyone who wants to take a schvitz on the open water.

Credit: Jyri Heikkinen

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