This Is One Of The Most Remote Islands In The World. And It's Surrounded By Something Unexpected.

Get ready to have your head spin. The small island of Vulcan Point in the Philippines holds the distinction of being the world's largest island within a lake (Crater Lake) on an island (Volcano Island aka Taal Island), located in a lake (Lake Taal) on an island (the island of Luzon). Vulcan Point is also an active cone of the Taal Volcano, which makes it the largest active volcano in a lake inside a volcanic crater. Finally, Crater Lake also is the largest lake located on an island (Volcano Island) within a lake (Lake Taal), on an island (Luzon). Talk about a whole lot of distinctions rolled into one!

Don’t feel bad if you’re a little confused right now. These pictures shoud help clear things up a bit.

That tiny speck of land is Vulcan Point, the world’s most confusingly situated island.

Let’s start by zooming out... This is the Philippines. As you see, it’s made up of several islands.


The northernmost island is called Luzon.

Here’s the southern part of Luzon Island.

The huge lake is called Taal Lake.

In one end of Taal Lake is the Taal Volcano, which rises up out of the water to form an island in the lake.


The crater of the Taal Volcano is filled with water, and is known simply as Crater Lake. If we zoom further, we see there’s a tiny little island in Crater Lake.

This little island is known as Vulcan Point.

Here’s Vulcan Point and Crater Lake as seen from above.

If you were able to follow all of that, then congratulations! You’re probably also one of the few people who understood the plot of “Inception” the first time you watched it. Now share this with your friends so you can blow their minds.    

Credit: TwentyTwoWords

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