This Is What Happens To A Ring After It's Been Destroyed By A Garbage Disposal, And It's Amazing

All is not lost when you completely mangle your precious jewelry. Whether it's a wedding ring or a gift from a friend or family member, rings hold special meaning and priceless value in our lives. 

Jeweler and Reddit user nais kong ipamahagi wanted to reassure people that repairs are almost always possible. He captured the amazing restoration he did for this wedding ring and uploaded the pictures to Imgur. The end result looks incredible.

1. The damage is severe.

2. There are too many dents and dings to count.

3. Initial stages of reshaping.

4. One of the most important tools: The ring mandrel.


5. Hammering it into shape using a goldsmith's hammer.

6. Now the original shape has been restored.

7. Next stage: Refurbishing, using a ring file to take out scratches and restore edges.

8. Using a ring file removes material from the ring so it's used only for the shallow dings and scratches.

9. Gold filling is used for the deeper gouges.

10. Broken diamonds are removed.


11. And replaced with new ones.

12. Time to polish the ring.

13. Buffing.

14. Restoration is complete.

15. The finished product looks incredible.

Credit: Twisted SifterImgur

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