This Is What Homes Are Going To Look Like In The Future. I Would Definitely Live Here If I Was Rich.

Apocalyptic movies and TV shows have been popular in America for decades, and if you’re anything like the rest of us, you might have caught yourself thinking up a contingency plan in your spare time. Whether a disaster comes by way of nature or is man-made, there is no catch-all answer of how best to protect yourself and loved ones.

That is, unless you are incredibly rich. If you have a spare million or two to burn, you could ride out the apocalypse in an underground luxury condo, guaranteed to protect against all sorts of impending doom.

The Survival Condo Complex is made from the shell of an old missile silo, and buried 174 feet underground. It has 54,000 square feet, and enough resources to sustain up to 70 people for five years.

Buyers can choose between full or half-floor apartments, which sell for between $1.5 and $3 million. According to developers, units have mostly been sold to entrepreneurs, doctors, and scientists.

The amenities inside make it the ideal place to ride out any disaster – or really just live in general. All residents have access to the swimming pool, movie theater, rock climbing wall, indoor dog park, gym, library, and medical center. What else could you possibly need?

Even better, the condo is protected by military-grade security around the clock.


The complex is meant for long term survival, and as a result residents also receive a five-year supply of dried food.

While the complex does run on electricity now, it is also equipped with backup generators and batteries.

If the day ever comes when the complex is used, it is meant to function much like a modern community. There is a classroom for children and even a jail cell.

So how do you get to your condo on the day of emergency? If you can get within 400 miles of the complex, the company will send armored vehicles to pick you up.

The first complete complex in Kansas quickly sold out. Construction is underway on a second, but nearly all the units have already been sold.

The developer, Larry Hall, says that demand is high. He is considering building a third security condo somewhere in Texas.


I can see why – the interiors are pretty swanky. The units include fake windows, on which you can display the scene of your choosing.

Video windows also offer a view of what’s going on outside the complex.

All in all, it’s the perfect place to wait out the apocalypse.

I thought living underground would be claustrophobic, but with all the amenities, it really does feel like a luxury condo. To learn more about the Survival Condo Project visit the website.

Credit: Luxury Survival Condo

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