This Japanese Preschool Does Something Pretty Unique When It's Raining

Nobody knows more than children that every rainy day brings the chance to dance in the rain puddles. Charmed by the natural optimism of the students, the designers of the Dai-Ichi preschool in Kumamoto incorporated rainy days into the structure of the school itself.

The enclosed courtyard of the school has an opening to the sky that lets rain fill a bowed space in the concrete floor.

When the rain clears, the students are free to splash in the clean puddles.


On dry days, the open space functions as an open play space, a court for badminton, even an ice skating rink for winter.

The school was designed with flexibility in mind. The furniture and partitions can all be moved at will.

The families of the young students purchase their own desks and chairs which they keep at graduation. 


This keeps a steady flow of clean, new furniture in the school and teaches the children responsibility.

The students are encouraged to be curious about all aspects of the school's functioning.

With glass walls and wide open spaces, young learners are encouraged to absorb as much information as they can.

Via: Spoon Tamago

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