This Kind Couple Took In 46 Pets To Help Families Affected By Hurricane Irma

A couple in Florida opened up their home to any and all pets needing shelter during Hurricane Irma, keeping them safe for their families until the storm was over.

Ron and Gretchen Levine run a pet sitting service called A Paw Above. They're used to having a small handful of pets in their care at any given time, but never quite like the situation they found themselves in when Hurricane Irma hit Florida. 

Many families evacuated the state, but didn't know what to do with their pets. Ron and Gretchen decided to open their doors to these pets and take in as many as possible. They even volunteered to get pets for people who were already out of the area on vacation.

All in all, they took in 46 pets from 23 different families! Naturally, all of those families couldn't be more grateful to the Levines.

You might think a home with 46 animals would get a little crazy, but surprisingly, the animals all got along pretty well.


The Levines separated the big dogs from the lil' guys, and set up the cats in little "cat condos" in another bedroom. While the storm raged on outside, these pets were happy as could be.

It's almost as if the animals realized that they were all in this together, and were happy to hang out. Some of the dogs even got to go outside once things calmed down a little. The house did lose power once, but the Levines were prepared with a generator to keep the pets, the food, and the meds safe and sound.

The worst of the storm has passed, but the Levines are still willing to house the pets for as long as needed. Many families have had their travel plans delayed or canceled, while others still need time to get everything back in order before they can bring their pets back. 

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H/T: PawMyGosh

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