This Kitchen's Colorful Appearance Really Stands Out, But That's Not Its Most Unique Feature.

For the 2014 Jumpers and Jazz Festival at Australia's Warwick Art Gallery, a team of 50 artists came together to create... a kitchen?

But of course, this was no ordinary kitchen. "The Knitchen" is a perfect replica of a modern kitchen created entirely by knitted yarn. Everything, from the appliances right down to the salt and pepper shakers, is knitted by hand and as soft as a cozy sweater. 

From a distance, it looks exactly like a mid-century retro kitchen.

The project took seven months to complete.


Because of the size of the team that worked on it, each piece reflects the style of the knitter.

Even the tiles are knitted.

To create this effect, each object in the kitchen got its own sweater, custom made. 

The wall hangings add a nice touch.


Even the kitchen utensils got in on the action.

A white tassel creates the effect of water coming out of the tap.

Dinner's almost ready to wear.

Credit: The Next Stage

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