This Labrador Swims Out Every Day To Meet His Dolphin Best Friend

When we talk about unusual friendships in the animal kingdom, there's one thing that I've noticed in common with most of these: the animals in question are nearly always both land animals. It makes sense, this way, they can easily see each other and establish their bond on solid ground (pun intended). Well, this next friendship is sure to change that perception.

Ben, the Labrador, enjoys swimming in the piers of Tory Island in Ireland. He is often joined by a young dolphin, nicknamed Dougie, who residents first sighted in April, 2006. Ben and Dougie are a regular fixture on Tory Island, and well-known by the residents for their unlikely friendship. They usually swim together for up to three hours at a time, several times a day.

Every time Ben spots Dougie, he immediately jumps in the water to join his friend for a swim. The two of them also greet tourists and locals arriving on the ferry. Dougie was named after local island celebrity Willie Dugan, who often took breaks to swim with dolphins a few years before Dougie's sightings.

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H/T: Franklin Sinclair

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