This Lady Used Some Fabric And A Picture Of The Moon To Create A Stunning Fashion Accessory.

The Moon is pretty incredible to look at. As the only object in the night sky to appear as something more than a bright speck, it has inspired countless creative endeavors, from poetry and music, to paintings, books, and films. Some of this is due to its appearance, the craters and scars of millions of years give it a beauty all its own. Whether we notice it or not, it’s a part of all our lives, causing the ebb and flow of the ocean’s tides and measuring the months with its orbit. So, it's no wonder it has become an emblem for so many.

Imgur user hahabird looked to the Moon as the basis for her latest project, a luminescent clutch purse.

The results are eye-catching, day or night.

The key to the endeavor was a custom fabric sample, ordered from Spoonflower.

As anyone who sews will tell you, careful measurements are key.


Attaching the thin, print fabric to the thick vinyl was problematic. Taping the circular seam provided the solution.

A simple pocket behind the Moon provides space for the lighting.

Crafty embellishments like this "starry" lining add professional touches to the purse.

The creator opted for a zippered clutch style of purse.

To avoid unwanted holes, binder clips were cleverly used to keep things in place during construction.


With everything sewed together, the only thing left to do was turn it right side out...

And insert the EL panel, which provides even, low-energy light.

She even fabricated several "masks" to display the phases of the Moon.

Credit: Imgur

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