This Line In The Sand Looks Strangely Beautiful From Above, But Wait Until You See What It Really Is

The border between countries will often tell you something about the relationship between the two nations. Some are heavily guarded, and some are nothing more than a line or road sign. These photos of different national borders will show you just how friendly or hostile countries like to protect their borders.

1. Naco, Arizona and Naco, Mexico play volleyball over the fence between USA and Mexico.

Jeff Topping

2. Slovakia, Austria and Hungary


3. Norway and Sweden

haqbar via reddit

4. Netherlands and Belgium


5. Australia and Everywhere

Gillian Eeverett via flickr

6. Poland and Ukraine

7. Haiti and The Dominican Republic

United Nations Environment


8. Zipline connects Spain and Portugal


9. USA and Mexico (Yes, those flags are correct)

Gordon Hyde via wikipedia

10. Macau drives on the left side of the road, Mainland China drives on the right. This special road streamlines the switch.

cecikierk via reddit

11. Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay


12. Bolivia and Brasil

13. USA and Mexico


14. Denmark and Sweden


15. Sweden and Norway

Roda Larga via flickr


16. The point where borders of Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium converge near City of Aachen.


17. USA and Canada

Ruedi Homberger

18. Belarus and Lithuania

Sergei Grits

19. Germany and Czech Republic

Phate18 via reddit

20. Spain and Portugal

RadioDeAltitude via reddit

21. Egypt and Israel

Chris Hadfield via wikipedia

22. Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic

Mateusz Rędzioch

Via: BoredPanda

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