This Little Boy Got The Chance To Meet His Garbage Men Heroes. His Reaction Is The Best

When 2-year-old Quincy was potty training, his parents knew just what to get him: a toy version of the garbage truck that passes by his home every Friday. Waiting to wave at the truck through the window was a big highlight of Quincy's week.

Quincy, a shy little boy, had fallen in love with the garage truck that came to visit him once a week. He asked to meet the garbage collectors, who were delighted to meet their biggest little fan.

“I can’t believe how popular the photo has been,” Quincy's dad, Ollie, said, “I was disappointed that I didn’t catch him grinning in his big moment. But what can you do? It was a great photo in a different kind of way.”

The sweet photo went viral and now every week, when the garbage collection comes, the drivers make sure to put on a show for little Quincy, honking and waving for him.

Credit: Ollie Kroner | ABC News 

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