This Little Boy Takes Photos Of Nature Like A Pro. I'm In Love With These Photos.

Since the early 1800s, people have loved to capture moments and memories on camera. For those of us who are especially talented, the hobby carries over into a career later in life.

Carlos Pérez Naval, a nine-year-old from Spain, is already well on his way to becoming a professional photographer. The National History Museum in London recently recognized Naval's talent by awarding him the Young Wildlife Photographer of the year for his already amazing body of work. Take a look at some of Carlos' award-winning photography below.

Here is Carlos Pérez Naval doing what he does best.

Carlos gets up close to capture rare and fleeting moments - no easy feat.

This shot brings us level with an alligator taking a swim - beautiful and scary.

This shot of an alligator gliding through the water is both beautiful and a little scary.

Carlos works with natural light to get the best photo possible. Here, he has perfectly captured the sun shining through a scorpion's translucent body.


How did a nine-year-old get a picture of a leopard? By being stealth and awesome, that's how.

Carlos loves to share unique animals and birds from his homeland. I've never seen anything like this big-headed beauty.

A bird in motion and a bear within the same frame – amazing.

Carlos seems to have a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

This tiny bird looks just like the cattails he is sitting on.

In this shot of seaside birds it is clear that Carlos has an extremely mature knowledge of the camera.


He's not afraid to get up close and personal with his subject.

The detail in this shot is incredible.

At only nine years old, Carlos is already extremely talented. It will be amazing to see how his talent develops and where it takes him in life.

With this prestigious award, let's hope that Carlos has all the motivation he needs to continue taking these beautiful photographs. I can't wait to see what he comes across in his shots next.

See more of Carlos's work here.

Credit: ImgurCarlos Pérez Naval

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