This Little Iron Fish Could Save Millions Of Lives

May 25, 2015

Anemia is defined by a shortage of red blood cells (RBCs) or hemoglobin in the blood. As RBCs are responsible for the transport of oxygen to the tissues, people with anemia generally suffer from lower stamina, chronic general feelings of tiredness and shortness of breath.

Anemia is generally caused by a deficiency of iron, and is sadly one of the most common afflictions worldwide. Over 2 billion people around the world are anemic, and while the cure is fairly simple - increase iron intake in your diet - this can be easier said than done for some of the world's poorest communities.

Thanks to a lucky iron fish invented by Canadian Dr. Christopher Charles, iron deficiency may just become a thing of the past.

Nearly 50% of the population of Cambodia is anemic, so Dr. Charles felt it would be a great starting point.


Boiling any water or soup with the iron fish for at least 10 minutes can provide as much as 75% of an adult's daily recommended intake of iron.

In his initial trials, half the villagers who used the iron fish were no longer anemic after a year.

He chose fish because they are a symbol of luck in Cambodia, but that design can be easily adapted to be culturally suitable for other countries.

Over 2,500 Cambodians are now using the fish.


After boiling for 10 minutes the iron fish is easy to remove and clean.

There's still a long road ahead to help the world stay nourished, but the iron fish is definitely a great step forward.

Find out more in the video below:

Lucky Iron Fish

Via: Bored Panda | Lucky Iron Fish 

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