This Little Trailer Doesn't Look Like Much, But Taking A Look Inside Changes Everything

This tiny trailer might look less spectacular compared to modern-day behemoths, but the interior is in a class of its own. From the outside, it looks like an antique. But once you step in and take a look around, you'll notice that this trialer was built to be useful. Along with old world decor, it's full of wonderful little features. The Trillium Caravan was designed and built by Jim Tolpin, a veteran woodworker who has published much on the subject. His skill shows in this particular mobile dwelling.

As soon as you step up to the front door, it looks very unique from other trailers.

True to its name, details of trillium flowers abound.

Although it's miniscule in size, this trailer maximizes every inch of its space.

The silhouette from the window looks beautiful.

The best part about the trailer is this stove with the antique kettle.


A sink with water poured from a kettle. How cute is that?

A table slides out from under the bed.

Even the lamps perfectly match the interior design of this trailer.

A view of the gorgeous exterior, with a hand-carved trillium medallion over the entry.

The outside was designed with great attention to detail.

There’s even a built-in ledge for further decorations or seating.


A look inside through the windows.

A small storage space to keep your equipment.

Would you want to get away here for your vacation?

Who wouldn't? Look at the nighttime view.

Credit: Higher Perspectives | Jim Tolpin

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