This Looks Like A Million-Year-Old Desert Landscape, But These Strange Towers Formed Just Days Ago

Last week, while exploring the icy shoreline of St. Joseph, Michigan, photographer Joshua Nowicki discovered an amazing occurrence. Deep within the middle of winter, the frozen sand was being eroded away by incredibly strong winds coming off Lake Michigan. This force resulted in incredible miniature towers that resembled rock formations and canyons, rather than pillars of sand. 

Some areas of the shoreline looked like a small model of the Grand Canyon.

Covered with a layer of frost, they are quite eerie in the dimming sunlight.

This strange landscape looks almost like the setting of a sci-fi movie.


Where the eroding winds were especially high, the shapes in the sand took on a more extreme appearance.

Considering that they are made of sand, it’s hard to imagine touching one of these pillars and discovering that it is frozen solid and rock hard.

They have a otherworldly beauty about them that is as breathtaking, much like large-scale rock formations.

Source: EarthSky | Photography: Joshua Nowicki

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