This Looks Like A Typical Family Home. But Once You See What's In The Backyard, You'll Think Twice.

When it comes to cool dads, the father of Reddit user Mdalin is hard to beat. The home he has created is truly unique and fun – check it out below. 

The Pirate Ship

Mdalin says her dad always thought he would make a great pirate, so he built himself a pirate ship. 

While the ship is not sea-worthy, it works great hitched to the back of a truck. Dad’s favorite destination? The local drive-in movie theater – especially when a new “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie is out. 

The Bure

Obviously dad needed a beach to go along with his ship, so he built one, complete with a Fijian Bure. 

On hot days, a fine spray of mist provided by strategically placed hoses keeps you cool. 

The Pool

There is no ocean nearby – but dad improvised with a pool. 


Travel Post

He also marked the places he and his wife have traveled with this travel post. 

It is best not to ask what is in here. 

The House

It’s a unique property, but it does include an actual house. 

No home is complete without a sunny spot for herbs and flowers. 

The Fortress

And no pirate’s life is complete without a fortress to raid now and then. 

There is also some bizarre handmade yard art.  

Trash Fish

They’re a pretty cool use of trash.

The Park

This is the perfect place for summer fun.



Once dad’s pirate fantasy was complete, he moved on to sci-fi. 

You can sit in this flying saucer that actually spins like a Tilt-A-Whirl.

The Playroom

Inside the house, the entire top floor is devoted to kids. 

The Firepole

Firepoles are way cooler than stairs. 

Pinball, Skeeball, and a small portion of their Hot Wheels collection


This family is definitely kooky and knows how to have fun. Here is mom, who Mdalin has a hilarious story about: “Every Halloween my mom and her friends would go all out on witch costumes, and go attack local businesses and schools. They'd just burst into classrooms cackling like mad, throw candy everywhere, and run out before anyone had a chance to stop them.” 

The Man

And here is the man who made it all happen. We applaud your vision, sir. Please keep living your dream – and Mdalin, keep sharing these pictures.  

Credit: Imgur

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