This Looks Like A Utility Shed From A Distance, But What It Transforms Into Is Just Awesome

We all would love to have our own beach homes. A cozy little space to get away from it all and relax in the sun can be just what the proverbial doctor ordered. But beachfront property is expensive and that's just the beginning of a whole bunch of little issues that can get between you and your own little spot in paradise. Often these homes are subject to more extreme weather, being so close to the water, so they have to be built stronger. They're unoccupied for more time than we'd care to admit, which usually means paying someone to look after the place. Plumbing can also be a problem in such remote locations. These and other details mean plenty of expense for not as much benefit as we'd like.

Some architects in New Zealand have designed an award-winning home that addresses many of these problems and does so with a clean, modern look. When not in use, the home is a simple, wooden cube.

When its residents arrive, it easily transforms into an airy, open getaway.

When the weather's exceptionally good, the two-story glass facade completely opens up to bring the outdoors in.


Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects put a lot of detail into this little place, maximizing space, utility and comfort and minimizing the issues typically found in vacation homes.

A wood stove is even provided, if the nights get chilly.

Triple bunk beds and clever cabinetry allow a family of five to live comfortably in this relatively small, 430-square-foot building.

Cisterns allow the building to gather rainwater for use in the bathroom.


The very industrial plumbing hints at the practical nature of the space.

With very little effort (and a small tractor), the entire home can be relocated to account for natural erosion of the shoreline.

Credit: Tiny House For Us | CCCA

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