This Looks Like An Ordinary Cafe, But There Is Something Hiding That Makes It Extra Special.

Originating in Japan, cat cafés are fast becoming a popular option among those animal lovers who live in tiny or pet-free apartments. Stop in, enjoy the company of some furry friends and have a quick snack. Even among pet-owners, cat cafés have a certain Old World appeal. Due to stringent health rules, it's not often that Americans can dine out in the company of felines. Across the Atlantic, they've got a different view on things like this.

Many cat establishments don't quite achieve that idealized, European, "oh, there's a cat in here," charm. The focus is on cats and often the décor and even the cuisine is an afterthought. The Romeow Cat Bistrot, in contrast, is a fully realized, cat-centric restaurant.

The interior has a quirky, eclectic feel, with many shelves and platforms for cats to perch and play.

Designed by Tommaso Guerra, there is no mistaking this cat café for a lesser variety.


The emphasis on literature and vintage furniture lends it a cozy atmosphere, despite its contemporary style.

Like grandma's house...if grandma were Wes Anderson.

The unique aesthetics are designed to appeal equally to customers, as well as the feline residents. In more than one spot in the restaurant, you'll find an old trunk stuffed full of pillows.

The cleverly designed kitchen gives people a nice view, while keeping mischievous kitties from helping themselves to the menu.


And the menu is impressive. Romeow Cat Bistrot offers up healthy, vegan takes on classic Italian comfort food and fresh-baked cookies and pastries.

It's a beautiful thing when cats and humans can agree on what they like.

The Romeow Cat Bistrot is located at Via Francesco Negri, 15, Rome, in case you're ever in the neighborhood or wanted to plan a trip to see this amazing slice of cat heaven.

Credit: Messy Nessy | Tommaso Guerra 

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