This Makeup Artist Creates Brilliant Lip Art For Halloween

Makeup can be used for a lot more than just a touch up... if you know how to use it right. In the right hands, makeup becomes more than a cosmetic accessory – it can be an artistic medium that’s just as valid as paint or ink. Eva Senín Pernas, a Spanish artist and photographer, has the ability to create stunning visuals and designs out of makeup. She’s especially well known for her lip art, using a variety of makeup and art techniques to create a detailed image on the wearer’s lips.

Seeing as it’s right around the corner, we thought we’d showcase some of Pernas’ Halloween-themed art. We think it will definitely provide some serious inspiration to get creative with your costumes this year! 

“This whole crazy thing started (believe me or not) while I was seeing the film Grease,” Pernas explains “I saw the final scene with that red and silver car and I decided to paint my lips with those silver lightnings.”

“I started creating lip art photos almost three years ago. I loved makeup since I was a teen when my mum gave me the book ‘Making Faces’ by Kevin Aucoin. I wanted to try all the makeups that appeared in the book.”

“I started my makeups as a personal project but now I’ve become a makeup artist and I do my designs for clients, book covers, events, makeup advertising campaigns, etc.”


“I always start applying a layer of lipbalm to protect my lips. Then I use tiny makeup brushes and wet pigments to apply the color, and I usually use gel eyeliner to draw the lines of my design.”

“Lip art usually takes me around 10-30 minutes – it is all about the complexity of the design. My full face makeups are more difficult and they can take me around 30-45 minutes.”


Pernas is a woman of many talents, and studied architecture before she dove into photography and makeup art. She makes her gorgeous lip art creations all year, so be sure to check out her other work on her websiteFacebook, and her DeviantART account. 

Credit: BoredPanda

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