This Mall Has Been Abandoned For Many Years, But Something Breathtaking Happens To It Every Winter.

Photographer Seph Lawless is a well-known urban explorer artist. His book, "Black Friday," documented the state and decline of the shopping mall of his childhood hometown.

After the release and warm reception of his book, Lawless returned to the mall, this time after a heavy snowfall.

The snow gives the abandoned mall an other-worldly feel.

"The snow began to fall through the broken skylights and as I looked up snowflakes gently fell upon my face," Lawless explained, "I realized I was inside a gigantic make-believe snow globe."

"I prefer absurdity over reason, because it's more honest."

Lawless's book, “Black Friday: The Collapse of the Modern Mall,“ focuses around this same mall.  An interview with Lawless is here



Credit: Mental Floss

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